Table tennis love story

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There are many sports lovers around the world. People love to watch different types of sports and table tennis is one of them. However, some people like me hate sports whether it is volleyball, table tennis or any other sport.

The cool gang is not so cool

There are only a few people in the world who get the golden opportunity to work for their dream company. I am proud to say that I am one of those lucky people because I applied at my favorite hotel for the two months internship program and considering the amazing performance they hired me as the general manager of the hotel.

It was great because I was working at one of the best hotels in Las Vegas. The biggest attraction of the hotel was its gaming area, and my main job was to manage their area because it was the most crowded place of the hotel. I loved my job because there was nothing to hate about it until the gang came.

While working at the hotel, I did not know much about the family of the owner because I was only worried about my job. One fine day while I was checking that all the important places of the hotel are closed after the curfew time, a gang of 5 boys came. They asked me to open the gaming zone because they wanted to play. According to the rules of the hotel, no one was allowed in the gaming zone after 10 pm because it created a disturbance for the guests sleeping on the upper floor. I politely told them that it is 11 pm and the gaming zone is closed. You will be surprised to know that one of them just came and told me who do I know who his friend was. I said that I do not care either do I want to know and requested them to let me do my job. It seemed like they were not ready to take NO for an answer.


Teasing that lead to a confusing bet

While I was waiting for them to leave the muscular boy, Ted who came to confront me said that he is going to call John and he would take care of me. For a second, I got scared, but I remembered that the owner of the hotel mentioned that even if he would come after 10 pm to the hotel, I am not supposed even to let him use the gaming zone. So I stood there to assure that they would not try to break in. After a few second a cool and handsome boy came out of the owner’s office. I have been working here for two months and have never seen that guy and I was wondering that why he was coming out the owner’s office. He asked me to let his friend enter the gaming zone. I thought that he might know the owner and repeated the same words that the owner said and told him that I would not let anyone enter the gaming zone.

They all started laughing include John, and I felt a little embarrassed, but I was not going to give up only because there was a group of spoiled brats. He politely requested once again, and I said even if the owner asked me to do it, I would not let anyone enter because I cannot lose my job for some brats. This is the point where John got angry. He has been polite with me all this time, but his friend her rude and this was the reason I got angry. At this point, the rude guy Ted asked me what do I even know who John is. I told him that I do not know and neither do I care.

All gang forced John to teach me a lesson, but the expressions on his face told me that he is a nice guy. He said that let us finalize everything with a bet. We are going to have a table tennis match between John and me at the court in the hotel. If I win, I would never see the gang again after curfew time and if I lose, I would have to quit the job. It was like a do or die situation for me.


It is time to go shopping

The next day was the most important day of my life because the owner’s family was going to visit the hotel and it was all upon my shoulders to manage everything and assure that I get enough time to train for table tennis.

You would not believe that what happened next. When the owner was introducing me to his family, I came to know that John is the only son of the owner, who would be named as the heir to this hotel. That was the moment when I knew that I had made the biggest mistake of my life.

I assure to give the best services to the family and got the appreciation from the owner for being a very hardworking and reliable employee. In the evening I had my free shift and got permission from the authorities to spend some time at the poolside. I was sitting at the edge of the pool with my legs in the cold water and was talking to my self that what I have got into. I did not know when John came to sit beside me. He told me that the bet is a bet and I have to play no matter what. I thought that he is such a jerk, but at that moment he gave me a card. He told me to meet this lady because she will train me for the bet. He said that he would not like me to lose the bet because I am an asset to his hotel. He also apologized for the behavior of his friends. I thanked him and at that moment knew that he is special.

I called the lady, and he asked me to visit her at the shopping center because we have to start shopping for the right pair of clothes and other equipment. So the bet was ON.


Training like it is the end of the world

From the hotel, I got the break of only 4 hours and I spent that time training. I wanted to win the bet and show that gang of brats except for John ? that they cannot just walk over me like this. I To assure that I would be the best, I followed everything that the trainer told me. On the last day of my training, she told me to do my best. I was packing my stuff when out of a sudden she asked me that from where I have got the number and information about her. I told her everything about John and the bet. She started laughing and told me that John is a champion in table tennis, I would be lucky if I get the chance to beat him at his own game.

She also told me that his friends are brats and they have been using John for their benefit. She asked me a favor to help John get out of this gang otherwise he will lose everything. I came to know that she is John’s sister who left the hotel to follow her dreams and that she is not living with the family because her father wanted her to be the owner of the hotel with John, but she refused because she wanted to become the world champion in table tennis, which she is now. She is happy with her choices but only worried about her baby brother. I promised her that I would do everything I could to help John get out of this mess.


The game begins…..

The next day before the game I asked John to change the terms of the bet. I told him that if I get to lose such an important thing, he would have to lose the same. However, I was less strict with him because I told him that if I win he would not see his friend for the next one month, no chatting, no meetings not outings. His friends tried to refuse but I think John understood where I was taking this and he agreed. It was time for him to see the true face of his friends. It was a holiday and one of my friends covered my shift, so everything was set.

We started the game and you all know who was winning. However, I was not a bad player as well because I was losing by only a single point. The game was going neck to neck and then game the mid-break or whatever they call it in table tennis.



John’s friends were making fun of me. They were continuously saying remarks about my thin legs and whether I am a girl or are these fake. I was angry and on the verge of tears when I saw Johns face because he was getting angry at his friends and started to shout at them to stop it.

It was time to teach them a lesson and I was more than angry. I played hard to assure that the game would be a tie at least if I could not win. I was able to even the score. It was my last shot, and a do or die situation for both of us again. You would not believe what I did at this point. I was aiming for the wall, but the pressure I placed on the ball was high due to which it landed in John’s eye and all of his friends shouted Bullseye instead of helping him.


He fell hard and so did I

As soon as the ball landed into his eye, he fell to the ground. It was the time when I felt like my whole world has supped around. He was in pain shouting for help and all of his friends were standing there laughing and him and recording him. I quickly went near him and ailed the number of 911. John asked me not to tell his parents. The ambulance came and I took him to the hospital because the pain in the eye was lesser as compared to the fall he had after that. He hit his head on the ground.

The worst part is that none of his friends came with us to the hospital because they thought it was lame and it would affect their status if they would go to the hospital in an ambulance. She took John’s keys from his pocket without his permission and told that they would be on their way. While at the hospital they took John to the emergency while his friends reached. His eye and head were safe and it was only the shock because of which he was feeling the pain. I was standing behind while all of his friends were around his bed telling him everything and making fun of him. At that point, the nurse came with the discharge sheets and the bill of the hospital. John started looking for his wallet when Ted just rudely took john’s wallet out of his pocket and told him to keep enough cash because he was not even able to buy the bottle of beers on his way to the hospital and even his cards were not working.

John was surprised that there was $500 in his wallet and all was gone, without his permission. To save him from the embarrassment I left the room and paid the bill with my salary. The salary just came yesterday and 75% of it was deducted in the bills because it was an expensive hospital.


The beginning of a beautiful journey

When I asked his friends to take John to his house, they simply said that they do not have enough time for babysitting and why shouldn’t I take care of the job because it was my mistake. It was the moment of truth because I saw the pain John had in his eye. I asked Ted to give me John’s car keys so I can drive him home. He said that he needs the car for himself because he has to take his girlfriend on a date and others started catcalling. I was amazed that what type of friends.

They are. I just snatched the keys from his hands and told him to book a cab because John’s car is not a taxi that they can use the way they like and asked them to leave before I can call his parents and tell them everything about how they have been using John. All the group tried to make John believe that I was lying and making things up but John has seen the truth with his eye, and he was not going to accept any bullshit now.

I took him to his house and on his request took good care of him to assure that he would be perfect for the meeting in the morning. When I was about the leave the next morning after preparing breakfast for John, he just came and told me that I had opened his eye and it was the best table tennis match that he ever had. He asked me would I like to go out on a date with him. This is how our love story started.

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