9 Best Table Tennis Places in Dallas

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Here are some of the places you would want to visit and polish your skills.

1. Dallas Table Tennis

Dallas Table Tennis is located on 2625 Denton Road. It is known for its quality equipment available for many users. The staff is nice and welcoming, and you can be left alone peacefully to enjoy your time to the machine. If you are a couple, you can use the table at only $6. This is an amazingly cheap option for a whole day of playtime. Dallas Table Tennis is also impressively clean and well set up with bathrooms. The premise is big and allows room for extra movement to rest and catch some air. With at least ten tables, you can always find space for practice even on weekends. This place is Texas size.

Some customers complained if insufficient AC to reduce the heating. The air conditioner needs improvement, but it is not something you will be noticed immediately on first impressions. This place is overall irresistible to any Ping-Pong fan who loves to play as a hobby.

2. Tom Muehlenbeck Recreation Center

You will find Tom Muehlenbeck recreation center on 5801 W Parker Road. This is a community recreational center that includes a school within. It is the best place to take your family because the facilities are designed to accommodate children and adults alike. Although it was designed for Table Tennis, it has grown into a major fun place. There are splash and slide fun activities for kids of all ages. The kids can stay occupied as you spend your time practicing Ping-Pong on the machine.

To rest from practice, there are picnic tables and areas across the park to utilize. You will also notice several lifeguards scattered across the park at all times swapping around. At only $6 fee for non-members, you will be allowed in every section of the venue. You may also choose to register as a member of you are a resident.

3. The Billiard Den

The Billiard Den charges $20 for all day and variety of indoor games. Not only will you be accessible to Ping-Pong but pool, pinball, arcade, darts, and others. It is a huge place that allows utmost recreation and drinking and karaoke. Moreover, you will not be competing with many people for space. Majority of the revelers focus on the pool and are rarely on the Ping-Pong. You can select the music too.

There is a general relaxing mood here but beware of the drunkards. The spacious Table Tennis premise and lack of crowds make the Billiard Den one of the best table tennis places in Dallas.

4. Glencoe Park

This is perhaps the friendliest family park you will find in Dallas. It is popular for residents. If locals love the place that much, it is an indication of good services available. The Park is located on Glencoe Street and Martel Avenue. There are many activities here besides table tennis. For example, there are joggers on a 0.6 of a mile trail. The Ping-Pong section is free and safe from crowds. You can spare your time and be comfortably play. Here, you will meet a mixture of amateurs and professionals alike. You will be learning and sharing skills with other players at your choice.

5. The Old Monk

The Old Monk is found on 2847 Henderson Avenue in Dallas. It is loved for its expansiveness and creative organization. It is an attractive place you can stage for a birthday as it has an amazing restaurant that attracts customers early after opening. If you do not get here early, you may have to wait quite sometime before you get a spot at a table to practice.

Most people come to spend time at the restaurant because it has quite a reputation. The Table Tennis section is mostly free, and the owner trains amateurs and plays with experts too. It is a place you will be comfortable to relate to other players and learn from them as you play. An owner is a great person who interacts easily to help you with whatever you would need. Although the tables seem congested, you will be exposed to a wide variety of challenges.

North Texas Table Tennis Club

Vietnamese TT Club

QD Academy

Grapevine TT Club

Xtreme TT

If you are a Ping-Pong enthusiast in or near Dallas, get ready for some quality playtime. Although we need to meet many players to gain experience and improve our standards, practice time is best spent on privacy. This is the criteria used to assess the best table tennis places in Dallas.

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