8 Best Table Tennis Places in New York

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Friendly Places for adults and Kids to Play Table Tennis in the NY area.

1. AACCT Table Tennis Club

It is located between Grand Streets and Pitt at Henry Street 292. This park can be used by both young and grown-up players.

However, it mostly attracts younger players. You can subscribe for good packages during weekends. Children usually compete among teams to horn their skills in table tennis.

2. Tompkins Square Park

The Tompkins square park is located in the 10th street, and 7th street between Avenue A and B. The table tennis in this court is quite modern. It may be a busy place at times because there is a dog run in the park.

You want to play tennis in this park but you cannot. Among the services they make us aware about, it that, sometimes the table may be full. A busy table allows you to stroll and choose new partners when you come back to sit.

3. Luther Gulick Playground

The Luther Gullick playground is on the lower east side. It is found in Delancey street between Abraham Kazan street and Bialystoker Place. There is only one table in this park. You may come with your balls and rackets. The park is also unique because it has a roller-skating area, sprinklers, and climbing equipment.

4. Bryant Park

Located on the 40th to 42nd street in the middle of six and Fifth avenues. If you want to play tennis in London, you first sign up to get a place, and you have to be patient until it is verified. There are balls, paddles and the tables too provided without costs. It is a huge park where you can stroll and visit the children’s centre or take a spin as you wait.

5. Spin New York

NYC mom Susan Sarandon founded Spin Nun . It has 17 tables, and they only allow members the access to play table tennis. It has tried to be all-inclusive in terms of ages. There are wineries, places to dine and there is good music played here. This combination makes it one of the best table tennis places in New York. Although family memberships are not very cheap, they are better than charges for non-members.

The children are allowed to play until 9 in the evening. After 21 years, the rules change to those of an adult.

6. New York International Table Tennis Center

This is a great place to play table tennis in New York. With coverage of 5,000 foot, it has 10 tables were tables where serious players frequent.

It is located between Farringdon streets and Prince. The New York international table tennis center boasts of producing world-class table tennis players who actually represent the country in Olympic levels. The official northeast region is huge for matters table tennis is the New York international table tennis centre.

It cannot get better than hearing that there is a program that is free for the teenage group. This encourages the young people who are interested no matter their background to try their luck. A child with great skills may be nurtured, and their future life is absolutely changed.

7. Wang Chen’s Table Tennis Club

One of the best table tennis places in New York is Wang Chen’s Table Club. It is located on the street between west end avenue and Broadway on 250 west. This park can only be accessed after school from Monday to Friday. On weekends though, it is open from the morning.

There are balls and professional-grade rackets as well as several tables for playing tennis. There is a serious training program in the evening. A former Olympian in China heads these programs. The best teams then participate in summer camps. There are open tournaments to the public that are held on Thursday nights. If you want to walk in and play, they allow a one-time cost if you are not a member. You may also go for a cheaper option, and that is monthly subscriptions.

8. Brooklyn Table Tennis Club

Brooklyn table tennis club is one the best table tennis places in New York. Its geography is 1100 Coney Island between Avenue H and Foster Avenue. Aronov Nison owns it.

This table tennis club is behind a parking garage in the basement. For children, there is a private lesson at a relatively fair cost. If table tennis kept this table’s owner out of trouble, it could do the same to the young people today. Many people stay on the streets as they abuse drugs and are involved in other crimes.


One of the best ways to exercise, let off pressure is by playing games. They help to distract the mind from the events that happened in the past week.

A game like table tennis, also referred to as Ping-Pong, because it favors their height.

This is a perfect sport, unlike others where the children’s height and throws will not help them beat an adult. Table tennis is a game that focuses on perseverance, aim, and focus and your children perhaps have mastered this better as they played the Xbox.

Some parks have perfect facilities for children to play table tennis. This is a great way to spend the weekend.

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