Top 10 Best Table Tennis Places in London

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Tennis in London

Tennis is among the sports that have been highly invested in because it is a popular game in London. Tennis is a game played mostly by posh people. There are different types of table tennis in London, from indoor tennis to outdoor courts.

There are also public tennis courts that are free, and this encourages members of the public to come and play. It is also a good way to spend a weekend afternoon.

The following are the best tennis places in London.


1. Paddington Recreation Ground

This is an awesome outdoor place for sports and athletics. There are basketball courts, running tracks, a gym, and tennis courts. If you want to drive into this park and you are a permit holder in Westminster, you will not pay for parking. It is a great place in London to hold outdoor events like annual tennis opens. The area is huge, and this makes it a suitable place for a group with members of all ages.

2. National Tennis Centre Roehampton

The National Tennis Center Roehampton was established in 2007, and it features among the best table tennis places in London. This is a world-class sports center for science, accommodation, and 22 tennis courts. In addition to this, there are ice bath and hydrotherapy ice bath, outdoor sprint track, and an excellent gymnasium. For tennis players, this facility allows them to train and focus on nutrition and medical support, conditioning and strength, rehab and psychology, fitness, and performance analysis.

If trainees in tennis want to spend an entire weekend, there is the perfect accommodation for a huge team because there are 22 bedrooms. These accessible rooms are in triple, twin, and singles and they are all designed as en-suite rooms.

The National Tennis Centre is also a perfect place to hold meetings. If you want to have an informal meeting with your team, they provide meeting rooms. They also provide catering services and equipment for visuals upon advice.

This center is also a popular course where the top talents in London are trained. This makes it a perfect venue if you want to hold private events, educational events or other business meetings because they are well maintained.

3. Soho Square

Soho Square is another best place to play tennis on London. It is located in soho square, soho, Greater London. There is free table tennis, and it is very good to play. It has been recommended to new clients to visit and try. There is a piano at the soho square, and therefore if you find playing the piano therapeutic, this is the place to go and play tennis.

4. Wimbledon Park

This is another best place to play tennis in London. There are ducks, and you could feed them too as a fun activity. There are as many as 20 tennis courts, and this makes the place better because it can host many people at once. There are many other sports like volleyball and crazy golf.

5. Lincoln’s Inn Fields

This is a huge park in London where you can play tennis. It was established in the 1630s by the creativity of the speculative contractor and builder. It was previously a private property but bought in 1895 by the London Council. London Borough of Camden maintains it today. The tennis court is some extensive lands with carefully manicured lawns for a tennis court.

6. Old China Court

One of the best table tennis places in London, the Old China court is a very nice place, and it is located at 8 Tysoe St (Rosebery Av), Finsbury, in Greater London. You may want to go with your family and play tennis as they do other activities. This is possible because there are chilled out pubs, tennis courts, and pizza shops.

Another Added advantage of going to the Old China hand is that you will not have to worry about the time to leave because they close late.

7. Dulwich Park

The Dulwich Park is also on the list as one of the best table tennis places in London. There is an amazing outdoor table tennis court. In this park, you can come with personal balls and bats and set up your own game.

The biggest advantage is that they are free.

8. Bounce Old Street

If you are in London and you want to play quality tennis, you should consider the bounce old street. There is table tennis, and the people are nice. Generally, there is a great atmosphere. You will also find a place for fast foods and many drinks including beer.

9. Centre Court

Are you in London and considering having some good tennis time? Look no further, and a center court is a great option. If you want cheap tickets, there are annual days where tennis is a major sport. They also hold premier games for tennis making it a great fun day for you if you love to watch tennis.

10. Burgess Park

This huge park holds large areas for children, lakes, and many tennis courts. There are wardens to monitor the places. It is the largest in South London.


In London, tennis is among the most popular games. It is no longer enjoyed by the classy population alone but also all regular Britons too. Thanks to the free public tennis policy, every Londoner can enjoy the sport. As long as you like to watch this game, there is an opportunity because, during opens, cheap tickets are floated for sale.

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