Why is Table Tennis so Popular? Cool things to know

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Here are some interesting things to know about table tennis

1. Currently, the Most Popular indoor Sport in the World

Currently standing at 222 National associations, Table Tennis is the most popular indoor sport in the world. The International Table Tennis Federation also allows extra territories and a host of options. For example, there are definitions for gender and age groups organized in various county-level tournaments. Today, it is played at the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games. At least 34 million viewers in China watched the 2012 London World Tournament Men’s Final. The game is popular among the Chinese. Most of the World champions and renowned players are of Chinese descent.

Perhaps what makes the game very popular is the fact it has no age limitation and allows the disabled to participate too. Moreover, it may be an indoor sport but also played outdoors as a social event.

2. The China Domination

China domination among the most interesting things to know about Table Tennis. In 1971, China stunned the world when they invited the world’s renowned players of the sport such as England, Canada, Hungary, the USA, and Colombia for friendly matches. This was after some time off from the scene, which lasted up to six years. The Chinese government used this gesture to get back in touch with the rest of the world. It was not merely a game but a political move to mend broken relationships. The event became so popular that it adopted the name ‘Ping-Png Diplomacy.’

3. You can play with a drone like in this video:

4. There are 1500 varieties of Table Tennis Rubbers

You probably know that Players can only use certain authorized racket coverings on the bats. These are part of the rules first formulate n 1926 to govern the game. You may have also noticed that they have two colors on either side of the paddle. One side is red while the other is black. This is no coincidence but part of the rules. The player is allowed to use any side of the racket depending on their preference and intensity of the surface.

There are at least 1500 versions of the rubber used on the paddles according to official lists. However, there are divided into smooth and pimpled. The surfaces are responsible for the difference in impact on the ball during the play. For example, if you want the ball to spin, it is imperative that you choose the pimpled side of the bat.

5. New Plastic Table Tennis balls

The original celluloid table tennis balls invented at the end of the 19th century is no longer in use. The World associated deemed it necessary to phase it out and replace it with a cheaper plastic material for a better bounce. There is not much difference, and you may not notice or tell them apart. With effect from 1 July 2014, all international events use table tennis balls made from plastic. All affiliated countries are now encouraged to make the shift for uniformity of the standards. It is not clear why the change was necessary but also among the things to know about Table Tennis.

Table Tennis is unique and stands out from other games because anyone can play it. Children and the elderly can all play regardless of their age. Originally called Ping-Pong, the ball game works with similar principles as Lawn Tennis. Instead of a lawn, however, it is played on a flat table separated into two equal courts by the net. The net runs across the playing surface and gives the game its identity. The game aims to hit the ball so that it goes over the net and bounces on the other side. You need to hit it in such a way that the opponent on the other side will not reach it or return it correctly. If they return it; you will attempt another move again until they fail to return it—only then can you earn points. This game is easy to learn, cheaply available and played all over the world. You will need small rackets called bats, or paddles and a light hollow ball to play Table Tennis.

Table Tennis began in an early 20th century in England where it was originally ‘Ping-Pong.’ The trade name later evolved into Table Tennis when the game was officially organized into a national sport. This was between 1921 and 1922. The original Ping-Pong Association had broken up before reorganizing into what we know today as the Table Tennis Association. Before the war, the game was already popular in other European countries such as Germany and Hungary. By the mid-1990s, at least 165 national associations had joined to form the current international body after the first European championships in London in 1926, and 1939 where Hungarians dominated significantly. It spread to Asian and Japan, and the World Cup was held in 1980 where Chinese Guo Yuehua won $12,500.

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